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RATS Referee Appreciation Gathering

Sunday January 6 - 645p in Shoreline - Please RSVP online with your Evite so we have enough food/beverage. RATS is hosting an Appreciation Gathering for RATS Referees - please save this night and j...

Thursday November 29th, 2018

Referees we want to Remind you About Yellow and Red cards Please follow the link below and read the leagues expectations regarding pl...Going

Week 5 - RATS Training Tips - Gender Caps & Gaps

Week 5 - June 16 RATS SUMMER RECAP (a bit late on release date but by week 7 we will be caught up) ** August Summer Matches will be posted Friday morning July 26 ** WEEK 5 RATS SUMMER RECAP - le...

Week 4 - RATS Recap/Training Tips - Misconducts

WEEK 4 RATS SUMMER RECAP - let's discuss Misconducts and Reporting then review previous and some other opportunities to ref in the coming weeks. MISCONDUCTS. Two points of emphasis for us as refer...

Week 3 - RATS Recap/Training Tips - Slide Tackles

WEEK 3 RECAP - Here are a couple of highlights from this past week to focus on in our upcoming matches: ​ ​- Slide Tackles ... lots of misunderstanding on what a slide tackle is from the pla...

Week 2 - RATS Recap/Training Tips - Handling

Week 2 Recap - let's discuss Handling this week - HANDLING - While many can agree that the most confusing soccer rule is when a player is or is not Offside - it could certainly be argued that Han...

Week 1 - RATS Recap/Training Tips - Shin Guards, A

A new feature this summer season is our weekly recap for RATS on Mondays (or Tuesdays sometimes...) This is just a simple way for us stay connected as a community of referees within RATS - Recreationa...

RATS Affiliation with USSF

UPDATE - our Digital Team Roster system is not working right now - teams will not have access to their team rosters while the league works on a fix - we will notify you when its time to start asking t...

Field Issues - No Shows, Lights, Double Booked and

Field Issues - if there are issues at the field (double booked, lights, etc ...) follow this procedure: 1- It one or both teams do not show at the field contact RATS Administrators immediately...

Friday February 23rd, 2018

Referees please sign up for Direct Deposit as soon as possible. If your bank is not listed online please let Larry know -

Weather Related Issues

Weather Related Cancellations - Quick reminder about weather related cancellations as we get closer to more winter storms. This is common among most youth/adult leagues. If the city/school clo...

RATS Rules Highlighted

- SHIN GUARDS - are required by all players. Please confirm with team captains prior to the start of the match that their players are all properly equipped. If you notice during the match someone with...

Parking Added to Match Fees

Your parking fees for Marymoor Park ($1) and Bobby Morris (variable) will be added to your match fees :) Thank you for making the effort to get to these fields - we appreciate it :)

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