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Perrigo ParkOpenStreetMap GoogleMaps

Address, Area=Eastside
9011 196th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98053
Google Map of the Vicinity OpenStreetMap
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Fields defined at this Location
  1. Perrigo Park #1 (Turf)
  2. Perrigo Park #2 (Turf)
  3. Perrigo Park #2 Mod F1 (Turf)
    SubField of: Perrigo Park #2
  4. Perrigo Park #2 Mod F2 (Turf)
    SubField of: Perrigo Park #2
  5. Perrigo Park #2 Mod F3 (Turf)
    SubField of: Perrigo Park #2
  6. Perrigo Park #2 Mod F4 (Turf)
    SubField of: Perrigo Park #2
Google Derived Travel Durations
98Washington Park 23 minutes
114Woodinville Sports Field18 minutes
90Lower Woodland27 minutes
95Jane Addams MS29 minutes
129Franklin HS28 minutes
108Hartman Park8 minutes
105Marymoor Park11 minutes
100Wilburton18 minutes
81Shoreline Complex32 minutes