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Ingraham HSOpenStreetMap GoogleMaps

Address, Area=North Seattle
1819 N 135th
Seattle, WA 98133
Google Map of the Vicinity OpenStreetMap
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Fields defined at this Location
  1. Ingraham #1 (North) (Turf)
  2. Ingraham #2 (South) (Turf)
  3. Ingraham HS Stadium (Turf)
Google Derived Travel Durations
83Delridge Playfield20 minutes
98Washington Park 16 minutes
105Marymoor Park26 minutes
93Magnuson Park17 minutes
96Nathan Hale HS12 minutes
100Wilburton27 minutes
85Georgetown21 minutes
97Twin Ponds5 minutes
90Lower Woodland13 minutes
81Shoreline Complex11 minutes
91Miller17 minutes
95Jane Addams MS12 minutes
89Interbay23 minutes
84Genesee Playfield23 minutes
99Loyal Heights16 minutes
104North Creek Field 421 minutes
94Chief Sealth Stadium27 minutes
87Walt Hundley Playfield25 minutes
121Meadowdale Athletic Complex (MAC)24 minutes
92Rainier Beach HS27 minutes
86Hiawatha21 minutes
103North Creek Field 221 minutes
82Bobby Morris18 minutes
101Robinswood Complex24 minutes
113Jefferson17 minutes
142Robert Eagle Staff MS9 minutes
122Meadowdale HS23 minutes
80Lynnwood HS21 minutes
108Hartman Park30 minutes
152Lake Forest Park Elementary14 minutes