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Address, Area=Capital Hill/Madison
330 19th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112
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Fields defined at this Location
  1. Miller (Turf)
Google Derived Travel Durations
84Genesee Playfield18 minutes
85Georgetown18 minutes
90Lower Woodland17 minutes
113Jefferson15 minutes
98Washington Park 7 minutes
82Bobby Morris5 minutes
99Loyal Heights24 minutes
101Robinswood Complex21 minutes
93Magnuson Park19 minutes
81Shoreline Complex21 minutes
83Delridge Playfield18 minutes
89Interbay22 minutes
88Ingraham HS18 minutes
106Grasslawn Park22 minutes
105Marymoor Park21 minutes
86Hiawatha19 minutes
87Walt Hundley Playfield22 minutes
97Twin Ponds18 minutes
100Wilburton19 minutes
94Chief Sealth Stadium24 minutes
96Nathan Hale HS17 minutes
129Franklin HS14 minutes
117Garfield HS7 minutes
147Brighton Playfield22 minutes