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2020/21 Laws Of The Game Released

2020/21 Laws Of The Game have been released - take a few minutes and download the Mobile App and also review the other links:

Mobile App -

Summer Zoom Training Sessions

The Washington State Referee Committee will be presenting a series of Zoom Training Sessions to help prepare us for when games start again. All clinics run 7p - 8p and you can register at wareferees.o...Going

Referees: 4.18 Corona-Virus State Unemployment

Referees: Update regarding Unemployment Benefits for Independent Contractors (Soccer Referees and other sports officials). Here is the link to the current Self-Employed/Independent Contractor...

Referees: Corona-Virus Federal/State Benefits

Referees: I just heard for the Federal Stimulus Package Unemployment Insurance that Washington State is updating their system after April 18th.

So many of you have asked me what I know...

Monday Night Running Group

Referee Running Group on Monday nights at Garfield HS -- while we are on a bit of a break stay healthy and find some time to continue running. Consider the Monday Night Running Group or find y...

RATS Matches - Cancelled through April 13

Effective March 11 all Seattle RATS Matches will follow the lead from Washington State Governor and King County Health Department recommendations that were issued. All RATS matches will be cancelled u...

UPDATE to Coronavirus Policy 3.6.20

UPDATE to Coronavirus Policy as of 3.6.20 -- With the recent cases of the COVID-19 Coronavirus virus in Washington state, we wish to communicate to all Match Officials, Clubs, Teams, Players,...

Youth Matches - Cancelled through April 1

Effective March 11 all Youth Matches within both PSPL/US Club and WSYSA will follow the lead from the Washington State Governor and King County Health Department recommendations that were issued. All ...

Referee Payment Process

🤑 SKREFS is a pass-through organization and can only pay referees after receiving funds from the soccer clients (clubs/leagues). Typically our clients pay within the first 5 days of the month and r...

Winter Points of Emphasis for RATS League

RATS Referees -
Please note the following Points Of Emphasis from the players/league for this fall season:

1. Please make sure you are protecting the Keepers (and other f...

1099 INFO

Referees - most of you know your 1099's have been processed and completed. You can find them online under REFEREE tab then FINANCES tab then 1099 tab then set to 2019 and click SHOW - magic dust from ...

iPhone Issues - let Larry know

If you are experiencing any issues using your iPhone and this website or other Ridgestar Referee sites (SKCSRA, EKC etc ...) please let Larry know as we are working on why this is occurring and ...

RATS 8v8 Rules

RATS 8v8 Rules - please review if you are working any of these matches. Questions let us know :) 8v8 is a new division within RATS with aprx 24 men's, women's and coed teams.Going

FiVE Pillars of Referring in RATS Referee Communit

Referees need to embrace these FiVE Pillars Of RATS Referring within our adult community - the players care deeply about these - do your part to meet their expectations each match:

1- K...

Pay Differential for Grade 5/6 Referees

Pay Differential is in place for all Advanced Referee Grade 5s and 6s. RATS wants to honor your efforts and skill showing their appreciation for your involvement within the league with a $10 ...

Parking Added to Match Fees

Your parking fees for Marymoor Park ($1) and Bobby Morris (variable) will be added to your match fees. Thank you for making the effort to get to these fields - we appreciate it.

RATS Rule Highlights

SHIN GUARDS are required by all players. Please confirm with team captains prior to the start of the match that their players are all properly equipped. If you notice during the match someone without ...

Field Issues - No Shows, Lights, Double Booked and

Field Issues - if there are issues at the field (double booked, lights, etc ...) follow this procedure:

1- If one or both teams do not show at the field contact RATS Administrators (Romes/L...

New Self Assigning Criteria

PROFILE - please update your profile to include your USSF Number, Direct Deposit and other data. Without this info your self assigning ability is limited. If your bank is not listed please let Larry k...

Misconduct - Yellow and Red cards

Referees we want to Remind you About Yellow and Red cards Please follow the link below and read the leagues expectations regarding pl...Going

Direct Deposit

Referees please sign up for Direct Deposit as soon as possible. If your bank is not listed online please let Larry know -

RATS Affiliation with USSF and USASA through USSSA

Seattle RATS is affiliated with US Adult Soccer and USSF through USSSA Soccer. There are no rosters to check nor player cards to deal with. League Rosters are all digital and on file with the league. ...

Who We Are

We partner with clubs, leagues and referees throughout the greater South Snohomish & King County region focusing on the state's largest adult soccer club - Seattle RATS - with almost 300 teams and nearly 4,00 adults. Additionally, there are a number of youth clubs partnering with us.

Our focus is on innovative pathways for Referee Development and Building Bridges with our teams and players as our clients week to week helping bring unity and common purpose with both the officials and players/coaches. We're just getting started here, so watch the What's New Area on the right side of the main page for the latest news associated with the Sno-King Referee Group

Summer Referee Tip Week 1 - New LOTG 2019/2020

As we start our summer season we will be implementing the new changes within the LOTG. Most of the changes won't be that drastic for the players - some of them will know most will not. So part of our summer will be educating players and perhaps ourselves as well on how to apply these changes within the adult recreational game - which could be different than how we apply them on our competitive youth matches. Please be patient during the transition - let's be kind in our explanations and supportive of previous refs who may have had a different application last week for a similar situation. We have routed these changes to all the managers and we will run weekly updates focusing on a new topic throughout the season to help with education.

For our own Referee Development and education we have included several links that should help regarding the LOTG. This document will also make its way to the RATS website so you can refer players who need a refresher to their league website.

1 - Here is a link to the LOTG -

2 - At A Glance - Summary of the Changes LOTG -

3 - Full Listing of Changes and Clarifications of LOTG -

4 - Power Point Presentation of the Changes and Clarifications of the LOTG -

5 - Mobile Download LOTG -